Jasmine café is a Palestinian local company based in Ramallah. The style of Jasmine café is a Palestinian/ European style. Owner, Jack, found that Ramallah is in need for a chill out place with a Palestinian touch, for all classes of people to come and hang out. And from there Jasmine café has started. Jasmine café has a variety of items; breakfast, snacks, salads, sandwiches, sweets & pastries, hot & cold drinks, coffee beans, coffee machines and mugs. All these selections are offered in a causal & comfortable ambiance while providing free internet services to customers all day long.

Our Mission

Inspiring social interactions, treating everyone with dignity and enabling customers to enjoy the daily pleasure of Jasmine’s quality coffee in a comfortable atmosphere.


Our Vision

Jasmine Café aims to set the trends in the branded coffee industry and to expand worldwide in order to remain a leader in the new frontier of this industry.


Why Jasmine?

-  Introducing a unique, original cafe theme, concept and identity

-  Exceeding customers’ expectations by providing a high and consistent level of customer service across time

-  Equally treating all customers

-  Keeping up with global coffee trends

-  Strengthening and effectively managing a systematic inventory, supply chain and accounting systems

-  Committing to the Palestinian community and taking responsibility for the well being and benefit of society



Jasmine Café aims to become a leading branded cafe locally, regionally and internationally. This can be achieved by ensuring customer satisfaction and delight through an un-wavering commitment to service, quality and high standards of hospitality. Jasmine Café constantly enhances its products, customer care and ambiance in order to guarantee that customers take pleasure in every single visit they make to Jasmine Café. This has been met with great success thus far.